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TetraKit Technologies

TetraKit Technologies is aiming to revolutionize the development and preparation of theranostic radiopharmaceuticals through the unique radiolabeling platform: TetraKit.

This platform allows for universal, one-fits-all radiolabeling of any targeting vector. The application of TetraKit in radiopharmacies will mean more powerful, accessible and cost-effective treatments for patients with metastatic cancer. They combine deep state-of-the-art expertise in synthetic chemistry, radiopharmaceutical chemistry, and nuclear medicine, to develop the next generation of theranostics. The key innovations in TetraKit originate from the laboratory of the co-founder and CSO Matthias Herth, at the University of Copenhagen. The Herth lab is a global leader in utilizing the tetrazine ligation in radiopharmaceutical applications. TetraKit is based on the latest advancements in click chemistry from this laboratory. At TetraKit Technologies, they will develop both the core radiolabeling platform, as well as proprietary novel theranostic radiopharmaceuticals based on TetraKit.

TetraKit Technologies joined NOME in 2023.

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