Collaborating with the best in the Nordics


Our local NOME partners – based in each of the Nordic countries – work together to identify potential NOME startups and mentors. Together they provide some of the essential infrastructure that makes NOME a successful pan Nordic life science mentoring program.

AcceleracePartner in Denmark
Accelerace is the leading accelerator in the Nordics. Since 2008, Accelerace has spotted and trained 700+ startups and 88% of the these companies are still on the market today.

Contact person: Peter Birk

Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator
Oslo Cancer Cluster IncubatorPartner in Norway
Oslo Cancer Cluster is an oncology focused research and industry cluster dedicated to development of new cancer diagnostics and medicines.

Contact person: Hege Eiklid

AleapPartner in Norway
Aleap is an innovative health incubator that provides expertise, infrastructure, capital and network to startups in the health sector.

Contact person: Erling Nordbø

Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB
Karolinska Institutet Innovations ABPartner in Northern Sweden
KI Innovations exploits life science research results by evaluating and verifying projects with commercial potential and supporting commercial development.

Contact person: Elin Almstedt

Medicon Village
Medicon VillagePartner in Southern Sweden
Medicon Village is a life science park which provides a unique environment for life science by integrating research, innovation and industry under one roof.

Contact person: Lottie Norrsén

Vertical Accelerator
Vertical AcceleratorPartner in Finland
Vertical offers startups focus on creating successful collaborations with enterprises and hospitals, as well as access to more than 200 world class mentors.

Contact person: Bogdana Gamburg

Turku Science Park Ltd
Turku Science Park LtdPartner in Finland
Turku Business Region offers a strong foundation for business and innovation services with long-term top research in life science. Its ProHealth Growth is a national initiative to access the untapped innovation potential and to create new successful business.

Contact person: Hanna Halme

Life Science Nord
Life Science NordPartner in Northern Germany
Life Science Nord is the regional industry network for more than 500 companies, universities, and research institutions in the fields of medical technology, biotech, and pharmaceuticals in the German states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

Contact person: Sarah Niemann