Highly successful and experienced life science professionals provide valuable insight and advice to the NOME companies

We match your needs and specific situation with experienced mentors who can provide strategic guidance, open their network for you, and work with you to accomplish your goals.
Our mentors include professionals from all over the world with diverse backgrounds such as serial entrepreneurs, investors, clinical experts and representatives from larger biotech/pharma and medtech companies.


The mentor network represents high profile life science executives that mentor the best life science start-ups in the Nordic countries.

Kirsten Drejer
Kirsten DrejerCo-founder of Symphogen A/S and chariman of ResoTher Pharma
Kirsten is co-founder of Symphogen and has been the company’s CEO for more than 15 years. She has 30+ years of experience in the biotech industry.
Jes Broeng
Jes BroengProfessor at DTU
Jes is a serial high-tech entrepreneur and professor at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU. Working in both Denmark and the US (Silicon Valley) with research-based startups.
Anders Ekblom
Anders EkblomChairman, Senior Advisor & MD
From Associate Professor at Karolinska Institutet to 19 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Anders is now chairman and director of the board of several companies.
Carl Borrebaeck
Carl BorrebaeckProfessor at Lund University
Carl is a serial Biotech entrepreneur and professor at the Department of Immunotechnology at Lund University.
Anna Bernsten
Anna BernstenChairman at Medivir AB
25+ years of experience in operative strategic marketing and sales operative management in the life science sector.
Carsten Schou
Carsten SchouPartner at Seed Capital
Carsten is a founding mentor of NOME. He is still an active investor and has more than 30 years of experience in Biotech and Medtech.
Niels Erik Holm
Niels Erik HolmCOO at Reapplix
Niels Erik is a co-founder of Reapplix, Innoventa Medica, Vivostat and other medical device companies. He has invented several medical devices that have been CE marked and FDA approved, and has been responsible for several clinical trials. He has more than 25 years of experience in the Medtech field.
Sylvie Bove
Sylvie BoveSenior Advisor at LeadnCo
Sylvie is a senior advisor and consultant with extensive network and experience in life science and innovation. She has held several global positions in strategic marketing and business development and she has also worked on the interface between academia, public-private partnerships, and industry collaborations.
Shori Zand
Shori ZandFounder and owner of Avesina Investment group
Shori is a health care entrepreneur with expertise within strategy and investment within Med tech and welfare technologies. She formerly built Avesina Health Care, a private care provider in Sweden. The company was operating within primary and specialist care along with diagnostics and elderly care.
Hilde Furberg
Hilde FurbergIndependent Board Member and Business Advisor
Over 35 years’ experience in sales, marketing, strategy, and general management in Pharma/Biotech. All experience in specialty care, build organizations and launched products in Nordic/Europe in small and large global companies.
Will Cardwell
Will CardwellPartner at Courage Ventures
Will has been involved in the start-up scene for more than 20 years,as an investor, entrepreneur, and everything in between. His interest lies in areas related to digital health, education, and environment – anything that can have a dramatic impact on human wellbeing.
Kati Kaijasilta
Kati KaijasiltaBusiness Development Director at Orion Corporation
Kati has a long history in R&D and business roles in the global pharmaceutical industry with a good understanding of current business strategies and models, their potential shortcomings as well as opportunities arising with new technologies.
Hans Schambye
Hans SchambyeCEO at Galecto Biotech AB
Hans is the CEO of Galecto Biotech. He has more than 20 years of experience in biotech ventures as executive and board member.
Henrik Ernø
Henrik ErnøCEO & Founder at ATG Consulting
Henrik has a long lasting career in the financial sector. His experience is not limited to fundraising, valuations, capital strategy and M&As.
Lars Staal Wegner
Lars Staal WegnerCEO at Evaxion Biotech
Lars challenges cancer with Artificial Intelligence at Evaxion. He is highly experienced in drug development, management and AI.
Hilde Steineger
Hilde SteinegerCo-founder & COO at NorthSea Therapeutics and CEO of Staten Biotechnology
Former financial analyst, venture capitalist and head of business development within the life science industry, Hilde is currently COO of NorthSea Therapeutics.
Eric Wahlberg
Eric WahlbergCEO at Uppsala University Hospital
Eric has 20 years’ experience as a life science executive and advisor, including academic roles and as VP for early clinical development CV & GI at AstraZeneca and senior medical director for eastern Europe, Greece and Israel for Allergan.
Patrick Francke
Patrick FranckeeHealth and Healthcare Executive
Patrick is a business development executive in healthcare. Patrick’s interests and knowledge are in data-driven healthcare management and solutions that enable primary prevention through digital channels.
Johan Kronberg
Johan KronbergAssociated Partner at Sponsor Capital
After 35 years at PwC as auditor and partner with pharma and life science experience, Johan is now associate partner at Sponsor Capital Oy.
Torben Mogensen
Torben MogensenMedical Director at Hvidovre Hospital
Torben was medical and hospital director at the hospitals Amager and Hvidovre. He has more then 30 year experience in the healthcare sector.
Thomas Nagy
Thomas NagyProject Director at Novo Nordisk Foundation
Thomas has more than 25 years in the white biotech space. Currently he leads the BioInnovation Institute Initiative as a project director.
Ilari Antila
Ilari AntilaCEO at Injeq
Ilari has more than 25 years of experience in medical devices. Currently, he is CEO of Injeq and acts as board member of multiple companies.
Neil Goldsmith
Neil GoldsmithCo-Founder of Double
Neil is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience from the life science sector. He is co-founder of Double and helps build life science companies.
Hans Peter Bøhn
Hans Peter BøhnChairman at PCI Biotech
Hans Peter is a serial entrepreneur, who has experience as a financial analyst and from the pharmaceutical industry. He is now an independent advisor and chairman of BoD of PCI Biotech.
Anders Hinsby
Anders HinsbyCEO at Orphazyme
Anders has been working as a biotech venture capital investor and then as a biotech entrepreneur. 2017 he brought Orphazyme to IPO on Nasdaq Copenhagen.
Dag Westberg
Dag WestbergInvestment Manager & Senior Advisor at Dendera Venture
An experienced business and investment advisor, Dag is founder and senior advisor with a focus on start-ups of connected health.
Ulrik Spork
Ulrik SporkChairman at Dansk Vækstkapital
Ulrik is an active business angel and director and has 20+ years’experience from life science investmenting. He was lastly Managing partner of Large Investments at Novo Holdings.
Kari Grønås
Kari GrønåsDirector at BerGenBio ASA
Kari has more than 20 years of experience from the pharma industry. She is non-executive director of BerGenBio AS and director of the board of Lytix Biopharma AS.
Jack Nielsen
Jack NielsenManaging Director at Vivo Capital
Jack is a life science venture capital investor since 2001 who has extensive experience working f.x. at Novo A/S. Recently he joined Vivo Capital in Palo Alto.
Masha Strømme
Masha StrømmeVice President at Fortuna Fix
Masha has experience from investment banking with focus on biotech and medtech. She is a now an investor and advisor and VP of corporate development at Fortuna Fix.
Peter Benson
Peter BensonManaging Partner at Sunstone Capital
Business angel, start-up CEO, as well as senior cooperative executive in the life science industry, Peter is now managing partner and co-founder of Sunstone Life Science Ventures.
Sveinung Hole
Sveinung HoleCEO at Bergen Research Foundation
Sveinung has 15 years of board and leadership experience from the healthcare sector and is currently CEO of the Bergen Research Foundation and the Stiftelsen Kristian Gerhard Jebsen foundation.
Yvonne Mårtensson
Yvonne MårtenssonIndependent Board Director & Business Advisor
Yvonne has extensive international experience in marketing and sales. She is a board member and chairman for several life science companies.
Arne Ferstad
Arne FerstadManaging Director at Ankor Consultants
Now an independent consultant, Arne has more than 25 years of experience in the life science industry and is a board member for several companies.
Jyrki Liljeroos
Jyrki LiljeroosChairman at Santen Oy
Jyrki has 30+ years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry and is now Senior Advisor at Modulight and chairman of the BOD of Santen.
Hanne Damgaard Jensen
Hanne Damgaard JensenCEO at Azanta A/S
Hanne is an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical area. She is an expert in regulatory strategies for drug development startups.
Maris Hartmanis
Maris HartmanisFounding Partner at GHS Executive Advisors
A serial entrepreneur with 25+ years experience from international life science industry, Maris is founding partner and consultant at GHS Executive Advisors.
Kirsten Søndersted-Olsen
Kirsten Søndersted-OlsenHead of Global Pathology Marketing at Agilent Technologies
Kirsten has more than 25 years of experience in marketing strategy, life cycle management, marketing tactics and communication in IVD and medical device companies.
Morten Fæster
Morten FæsterSenior Director Business Development
Morten has 20 years of international experience with BD in big-pharma, specialty-pharma and biotech (AstraZeneca, Nycomed, Grünenthal and Medivir).
Joachim Forsgren
Joachim ForsgrenCMO at Kancera AB
A clinician with extensive clinical development experience, Joachim is now Chief Medical Officer of Kancera.
Rolf Ehrnström
Rolf EhrnströmPartner at Ventac Partners
Rolf has more than 30 years of experience in life science and diagnostics companies. He is now partner at Ventac Partners.
Auvo Kaikkonen
Auvo KaikkonenPresident at Ozics Holdings
A serial entrepreneur, Auvo has over 25 years of medical device experience from start-ups as well as from listed companies.
Eva Idén
Eva IdénConsultant at Inflecto
Eva has extensive experience in operations and supply chain management, both operational and strategic. Currently, she is a consultant at Inflecto and owner of Better & Beyond AB.
Christina Molt-Wengel
Christina Molt-WengelSVP Global Marketing and Consumer Care division at ALK
Christina has 20+ years of experience across Biotech, Medtech and Pharma companies. She specializes in commercializing assets across the globe.
Karin Wingstrand
Karin WingstrandSenior Advisor at ISEA
Karin has extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical and clinic development from big pharma as well as broad experience as board director in several life science start-ups.
Finn Ketler
Finn KetlerVP - Woundcare at Biotec Pharmacon ASA
Finn has 20+ year of international experience in Medtech. He was SVP at Coloplast, has been involved in several start-ups, AND taken a company to a listing at NASDAQ.
Lars Grundemar
Lars GrundemarCEO Oncorena AB
Plentiful pharmaceutical and medical leadership experience across therapeutic areas in global pharma corporations in Europe and USA. Currently developing novel treatments for renal cancer. Lars has also several board assignments at SMEs.
Else Beth Trautner
Else Beth TrautnerProfessional Board Member, Chairman and Business Advisor
30+ years’ international executive experience in commercialisation, business development and management in health-care, biopharma, life-science, diagnostics, personalised medicine and IoT solutions.
Karin Meyer
Karin MeyerCEO at Swedish Pharmaceutical Society/Swedish Academy for Pharmaceutical Science
Karin has been working with pharmaceutical development and has had several senior positions in the life science sector. She is a board member in two life science companies and a member in the advisory council of TLV and the investment committee of ALMI Invest AB.
Eva Sjökvist Saers
Eva Sjökvist SaersBoard of director at several Life Science companies and organisations
Eva has 25+ years experience from life science industry – R&D, product development, supply chain management/manufacturing, in-sourcing/out-sourcing, sustainability. 10 years as CEO of APL and mgmt. positions at AstraZeneca.
Ulla Hald Buhl
Ulla Hald BuhlCEO at Buhl Oncology and strategic corporate developer
Ulla is a serial entrepreneur, Founder/Co-founder of 3 companies with 25 years of experience in biotech. She has solid experience from listing 3 companies on the Danish and Swedish stock markets and was a key player in 2 product approvals by FDA and EMA. .


NOME companies are carefully screened and reviewed before entering the program. These make up some of the best life science companies in the Nordics.