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Stayble Therapeutics

Stayble Therapeutics, a biotech company, develops a new treatment against discogenic chronic low back pain. Discogenic chronic low back pain is a widely spread health issue that currently can only be treated with spinal fusion surgery or long-term physiotherapy. Stayble Therapeutics is developing a treatment using a repurposed and endogenous small molecule for patients that do not respond to conservative treatments. This treatment will be a single injection into the disk, which will stabilize it by transforming it into connective tissue.

Stayble Therapeutics has verified efficacy and safety through in vivo and in vitro studies with a successful pig model. Currently, the target molecule is assessed in a clinical phase Ib study in Sweden.

Andreas Gerwald gathered a team around him with strong backgrounds within entrepreneurship, business and drug development to further grow Stayble Therapeutics, which is based on the research of board member Kjell Olmarker. Stayble Therapeutics is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, and joined NOME in 2019.

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