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MonTa Biosciences

MonTa Biosciences, a biotech company whose lead program is focused on a new anti-cancer treatment that activates and educates the immune system to recognize and eliminate metastatic disease. This program applies a novel delivery mechanism using liposomes with a novel TLR7 agonist. MonTa has demonstrated strong anti-tumor activity, with more than 70 % in complete remission in preclinical models.

MonTa Biosciences has shown proof of concept in animal models for their first TLR7 agonist and clinical trials are in preparation.

From the NOME program we have received guidance to establish and strategically use our BoD to support the company management team and secure optimal future development and input to negotiate contracts and license agreements.”

MonTa Biosciences’ team, CEO Simon Skjøde Jensen, CSO Thomas L. Andresen, CTO Jonas R Henriksen and senior scientists Ladan Parhamifar and Anders E Hansen, covers the scientific, technical, operational and commercial aspects needed to develop the company. MonTa Biosciences is located in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark, joined NOME in 2016 and graduated in February 2018.

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MonTa Biosciences


Simon Skjøde Jensen
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New drug delivery mechanism