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MediTuner, a Medtech company that has developed AsthmaTuner, a complete solution that patients can use to comply with best practices remotely. AsthmaTuner is a patient-centric solution, allowing asthma sufferers to replace clinic visits with remote self-management. The solution consists of a smartphone application, a portable wireless lung function measurement device (spirometer), and a healthcare provider user interface and database backend platform. The effectiveness of this in-patient asthma treatment has been confirmed by leading asthma experts and asthma associations.

AsthmaTuner has been tested in a clinical study since 2016. The interim results are very positive, with the full results being published later in 2018. AsthmaTuner has been approved by the Swedish Medical Product Agency and obtained a CE mark. The solution was released on the Swedish market in March 2018.

Key for the development of MediTuner is to get relevant coaching, advice and access to various forums within the industry and academia. The participation in the NOME mentor program will therefore be valuable for the progress of the company.”

CEO Eric Alhanko and CTO Peter Sommer of MediTuner assembled a team that is uniquely comprised of members combining expertise from healthcare as well very competent business and technical skills. MediTuner is located in Stockholm, Sweden and joined NOME in 2017.

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