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LS CancerDiag

LS CancerDiag Ltd is a Finish company with the goal to reduce cancer mortality rates by improving the diagnosis of conditions that can lead to cancer. The start-up has developed an innovative and easy-to-use diagnostic method that reliably detects MMR deficiency, i.e. Lynch syndrome. This inherited cancer-causing condition, is prevalent 1 of 279 people and develops into cancer in 80% of cases. 

By delivering predictive and accurate results with a fast, unique and cost-efficient method, its cutting-edge product DiagMMR has the potential to save thousands of lives and to become the new Gold Standard for Lynch syndrome detection. 

DiagMMR® diagnoses Lynch syndrome from a non-malignant tissue sample before tumors appear making it predictive instead of reactive. Moreover, it is a fast-single functional test replacing the current large array of tests and delivers results that are easy to interpret at significantly lower costs.  

The start-up originated in high-level academic research by co-founder and CEO Minna Nyström and was spin out from the University of Helsinki in 2013. Since its incorporation, the start-up grew constantly and is planning to enter the US market after FDA approval 2022. LS CancerDiag is located in Helsinki, Finland and joined NOME in 2020. 

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