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Lexplore, a Digital health/Edtech company that has developed a new screening method to identify children at risk of dyslexia already in the first years of primary school. The method makes for confident decisions on whether an individual needs supplementary support. This optimizes use of school resources to the benefit of students, staff and community. Using AI and machine learning algorithms for predictive modelling, the method can determine whether an individual is at risk of dyslexia by assessing the eye movements made while the person is reading a short text adapted to age.

Lexplore was launched in Sweden in 2016 serving multiple municipalities and schools as customers. The method is now being adapted to the English speaking market with a first pilot study being conducted in the US.

“Our US pilot study was made possible thanks to the NOME US trip in 2016 due to the great connections we gained on the trip. We hope that being part of NOME will also in the future help us to grow our business and to get valuable input from the NOME mentors to adapt our business strategy.

Lexplore is a spinout from Marianne Bernadotte Centre at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and the method is based on 25 years of research. Lexplore is led by CEO Fredrik Wetterhall. Lexplore is located in Stockholm, Sweden and joined NOME in 2016.

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Fredrik Wetterhall
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Dyslexia screening