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In2cure, a biotech company, develops new peptide-based therapeutics to prevent infections and control inflammation. As the problem of multidrug resistance (MDR) is growing rapidly, the possibility to prevent and treat bacterial infections with antibiotics is becoming more and more limited. It is therefore critical to find alternative ways to prevent infections, also effective on MDR, and to treat the uncontrolled hazardous inflammation, which often is what hinders the wounds from healing and causes death in the case of sepsis.

In2cure’s BioC platform is an antibiotic-free treatment utilizing the body’s natural defense system. It is unique in the way that it has both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It kills bacteria by binding to the bacteria cell wall inducing lysis and it reduces the hazardous inflammation by both neutralizing endotoxins and preventing the inflammatory signaling on CD14 level.

In2cure’s technology has the potential to be effective for several indications, both topical and systemic. The company’s first product will be used for advanced wound care, initially targeting burn wounds. The BioC wound gel is currently in the preclinical phase and has been shown to be very effective in animal models (rodent and pigs).

“We decided to join NOME because I know that developing a life science company is very complex, so knowledgeable mentors are invaluable for a startup with scares resources. It was super good with complementary knowledgeable mentors that could challenge our thoughts and give concrete advices.”

In2cure stands on a solid scientific foundation from Lund University. Helene Hartman took over as CEO in 2018 after first being a member of the board of directors. She is supported by a strong team with backgrounds in research and business development. In2cure is located in Lund, Sweden, joined NOME in 2019, and graduated in 2021.

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