SAGA Diagnostics Raises €1.0 Million Seed Capital from International Investors

Swedish NOME start-up SAGA Diagnostics AB is a cancer genome testing company that offers unique, ultrasensitive tests and services to analyze the cancer genome within a simple blood sample. The company has raised €1.0 million EUR seed capital from international investors, which include serial biotech entrepreneurs and investors Christer Fåhraeus (CellaVision, Flatfrog, EQL Pharma) and Simon Fredriksson (Olink, Genagon Therapeutics), and investment groups led by Torna Kapital, LU Holding, and the Gunnar Nilsson Cancer Foundation.

CEO at SAGA Diagnostics, Lao Saal, says:
“With the new investment and help from these experienced life science investors, this capital will help us to expand the team, reach key milestones, grow our revenue and meet the strong demand for our cancer testing products and services. We are excited to help patients with cancer with our revolutionary technology.”

SAGA Diagnostics joined NOME in 2017 with a lot of success and recognition and has met regularly with a team of experienced business mentors within their field. As a part of the program, SAGA participated in a NOME US camp, where they meet with the US mentors who help with US specific topics and introduce them to possible partners, investors and collaborators.

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About SAGA Diagnostics

SAGA Diagnostics AB is a cancer diagnostics company that provides a new type of genetic testing that can detect and measure cancer using a simple blood sample with unprecedented levels of accuracy and sensitivity. The test quantifies “circulating tumor DNA” (ctDNA), a robust biomarker released into the bloodstream by the tumor, precisely and in the early stages. ctDNA faithfully represents the tumor genome and how on-going therapy is affecting the tumor. This allows for more accurate understanding of treatment response while also provides an opportunity to find druggable gene mutations at the earliest stages to personalize the cancer treatment. For more information, see