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STipe Therapeutics

STipe Therapeutics, an early stage biotech company develops cancer drugs that target intracellular protein-protein interactions, which are highlighted as major drivers of innate immunity. The company has identified and validated compounds that primes and modulate the innate immune factor STING, thereby facilitating that “cold” tumours turns ‘hot’. In parallel, STipe compounds support the infiltration of CD8 and CD4 T cells by increased cytokine expression. In all, this aids an anti-tumoral effect that leads to tumour remission.

STipe Therapeutics’ mission is to develop first-in-class drugs that “prime” the tumor microenvironment and in synergy with other IO therapies work to efficiently kill tumor cells.

By joining NOME we hope to support a progressive and faster growth of our company, to expand our network and to receive valuable input from our mentors to strengthen our business model.”

STipe Therapeutics’ founders, including CEO Martin R Jakobsen, and the R&D team have extensive research experience in innate immunology, in vivo modelling, and structural biology combined with expertise in biotech start-up, preclinical development, financing and business development. STipe Therapeutics is located in Aarhus, Denmark and joined NOME in 2017.

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