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SAGA Diagnostics AB

SAGA is a cancer diagnostics company featuring unique and proprietary technologies to quantify cancer in a simple blood test or other “liquid biopsy”.  SAGA’s non-invasive liquid biopsy tests measure the biomarker “circulating tumor DNA” and enables more precise monitoring of tumor size and spread, more accurate measurement of therapy response, and the critical information needed to decipher the DNA mutations that may be targetable with clinically-approved drugs or therapies currently in clinical trials.  The company has unique technologies offering an unprecedented level of accuracy and sensitivity (limit of detection to 0.001%), which in turn leads to the identification and matching of more patients to the most appropriate therapies, as well as improved patient outcomes through better and more timely patient follow-up.

Saga Diagnostics has validated its multipurpose methods in hundreds of patient samples and proved to be able to detect recurrence of cancer up to three years (average 11 months) prior to clinical symptoms and has two products/services already commercially launched, and a third product in development.

Being part of NOME has given us great and valuable insights, for example into the US market thanks to the NOME US trip in 2017. From the NOME mentors we receive valuable advice regarding our go-to market strategy, regulatory pathway and also introductions to investors.”

SAGA Diagnostics is a spinout from the highly successful Translational Oncogenomics Laboratory at Lund University, Sweden, where the innovative methods to measure circulating tumor DNA with exquisite accuracy and ultra-sensitivity was developed over the last 4 years, and is lead by CEO Lao Saal and CTO Anthony George. SAGA Diagnostics is located in Lund, Sweden, and joined NOME in 2017.

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