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ResoTher Pharma

ResoTher Pharma, a biotech company, develops novel therapeutics to resolve chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can have a negative impact on tissue and organs and has been linked to several diseases and disease states. ResoTher Pharma’s peptide drug activates the FPR2 receptor and thereby causes resolution of inflammation and initiation of tissue repair using the body’s natural response system. Based on the research of Professor Mauro Perretti and his team at Queen Mary University, London, UK, their immunemodulatory drug candidates are very potent and have excellent safety and efficacy in several disease models driven by inflammation.

ResoTher Pharma is seeking to validate their novel peptide drug candidates in indications where neutrophils are causing tissue-destructive inflammation. The company is interested in collaboration and partnering possibilities.

We wanted to join NOME to have access to sparring and advice on collaboration and investment strategies from very experienced life science professionals outside Denmark. With our mentors´ active engagement and access to their network, we are sure that ResoTher Pharma will grow even faster in the coming years.

ResoTher Pharma is led by CEO Lone Veng and her experienced team with extensive biotech, pharma and entrepreneurial experience. ResoTher Pharma is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, joined NOME in 2018, and graduated in 2021.

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