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PRECURE, a MedTech company develops a wearable smart IoT device, which can assess the user’ movements and behavior using artificial intelligence. Sensors integrated in a wearable sleeve are connected to the cloud and the phone, where algorithms analysis the received data and then sends feedback back to the user. The feedback that the users receive will be used to nudge them to change their behavior. Changing their behavior can reduce rehabilitation time and prevent repetitive strain injuries from occurring.

PRECURE is currently in the process of final testing and receiving the CE mark for their first product the PRECURE Elbow and are planning to launch it late 2019.

“We decided to join NOME to get input on topics like international market introduction, investment, business development and supply chain. Getting advice from experienced people, like the NOME mentors on these topics will allow us to develop PRECURE further and to focus on new markets.”

CEO Finn Bech Andersen leads the team around the four founders, who have extensive experience within management, health, marketing & sales, and product development. PreCure has offices in Copenhagen and Allinge, Denmark, and joined NOME in 2018.

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