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Pancryos is dedicated to developing a safe and cost-efficient cell therapy to improve the quality of life of millions of people suffering from insulin-dependent diabetes. Pancryos has established a simplified and effective method to generate stem cell-derived glucose-responsive beta cells. This promising cell therapy, PanINSULA™, is in preclinical development and protected by IP licensed from Copenhagen University.

Pancryos’ proprietary IP covers i) the isolation of pancreatic progenitor cells (PPCs) with a unique cell surface marker called GP2, and ii) a simplified differentiation protocol to generate glucose-responsive mature beta cells for implantation. This IP allows the implementation of a safe, cost-effective, and scalable cell therapy that can be fully automated. Initial studies show high functionality of implanted beta cells in vivo.

Joining NOME is a great opportunity for Pancryos to receive sparing with successful and experienced mentors and the chance to utilize their knowledge and vast network to commercialize our stem cell therapy.”

Pancryos is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and joined NOME in 2017.

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