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Optheras was founded in 2022 and has developed laser for outpatient bladder cancer management.

Bladder Cancer (BC) is a worldwide challenge, being the 10th most common cancer worldwide1. In both US and EU, BC is the 6th leading type of cancer with an estimated economic burden of about €4.9 billion in EU in 2012. Half of the diagnosed bladder cancer is non-invasive to the bladder wall.

The risk of recurrence is high, so frequent surveillance, recurrent surgery and hospitalization is often required. Transurethal Resection of Bladder Tumor (TURBT) is the golden standard for treatment. An invasive surgical procedure, performed in hospital under anesthesia. Therefore, BC has one of the highest lifetime cost pr. patient of all cancers. Furthermore, the need for repeat procedures can reduce patient’s quality of life.

Better management of BC requires improvements in detection, diagnosing and treatment, and it is important to improve the quality of life for BC patients, while supporting the health system in efficient use of medical ressources.

Respinor joined NOME in 2023.

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