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Danish digital health company Monsenso has developed an mHealth solution for mental health that assists the prevention, early intervention and treatment of mental or behavioral disorders. The mobile health solution provides high-quality remote care based on superior data insight, which strengthens the clinical relationship and promotes patient engagement, thereby enabling better clinical treatment by providing high-quality remote care based on superior data insight.

Monsenso has validated the use of the solution in several clinical studies for a number of affective disorders. Furthermore, Monsenso is currently part of the international consortium for three projects funded by EU Horizon 2020 grants, the WellCo project, the ECoWeB project, and the R-LiNK project.

We hope that by being able to join NOME we will get contacts to high level stakeholders in the pharma industry and other KOLs through our NOME mentors’ network.”

Monsenso’s CEO Thomas Lethenborg, CPO Mads Frost and CSO Jakob E. Bardram have vast experience in the field of personal health technology, as well as leadership and business experience. Monsenso is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and joined NOME in 2017.

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