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MedTrace, a Medtech company that develops a system that automates production and injection of [O-15]-H2O (radioactive water), the gold standard tracer for blood flow analysis in PET. Until now, radioactive water has only been available for research because of its half-life of only 122 seconds, which makes it impossible to store before use. MedTrace has solved this problem by inventing a system that combines production and injection of the tracer in one automated process. This way, the tracer becomes practically available when the patient and scanner is ready, just-in-time.

MedTrace has an extensive IP strategy and is working toward regulatory approval in Europe, USA, Japan, China and Korea. Clinical trials giving final product validation were finished in 2017 and the product launch is set for 2018.

“Being part of NOME, we already received great strategic business advice in general, on top of that the NOME US trip was very insightful and helped us with specific regulatory questions and provided expert help on valuations from the NOME US mentors.

CEO Martin Stenfeldt, CSO Rune Wiik Kristensen and CTO Peter Larsen of MedTrace all have a life science background, as well as commercial, scientific and technical experiences. MedTrace is located in Svendborg, Denmark and joined NOME in 2016.

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