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The cost of developing new drugs is massive. Drug development companies need tools to predict the impact of a new drug on patient’s immune system before entering clinical trials. Immunitrack, a contract research organization (CRO) helps drug developers predict and mitigate for the effects that new drugs will have on a patient’s immune system before starting expensive clinical trials. In this way, Immunitrack aims to help biotech and pharma companies to produce new drugs and vaccines faster, cheaper, more effectively, with less harmful side effects.

Immunitrack has unique capabilities to carry out its aims by using components of the immune system, the Major Histocompatibility Complex class I and class II (MHCI and MHCII) molecules. MHCs are receptors playing a decisive role in the specificity of the adaptive immune system. By combining in-house knowledge of MHCs with cutting edge informatics and high throughput testing capabilities, Immunitrack offers a unique toolkit to help drug development.

We hope that the NOME mentors can help us to improve our business with their long term perspective, to attract a new customer segments and scaling up our business.”

Immunitrack is a spinout from one of the world’s leading research groups within production and in vitro analysis of MHC-peptide interactions and is headed by CEO Stephan Thorgrimsen and CSO Sune Justesen. Immunitrack is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and joined NOME in of 2017.

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