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Hedia, a digital health company that developed a smart diabetes assistant driven by a personal need and the desire to achieve optimal treatment and quality of life. By using seamless data collection from external sources, big-data modelling and AI, Hedia will provide personal recommendations to the diabetic and hence help attain results on A1c level. This will lead to a substantial reduction of anxiety for the diabetic and help them to lead a more normal life.

Hedia is preparing for clinical trials and testing its AI. Furthermore, Hedia will be expanded to include the needs of type 2 diabetics.

“In NOME we look for unbiased advice from our mentors as well as tapping into their pool of vast experience within the e-health space.”

Hedia with CEO Peter Lucas is made up of a well-rounded group consisting of entrepreneurs, health professionals, digital designers and software developers. Hedia is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and joined NOME in 2017.

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