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Gesynta Pharma

Gesynta Pharma is a biotech company developing treatments based on mPGES-1 inhibitor for microvascular diseases in chronic inflammatory disorders. Intravascular mPGES-1 inhibition has been shown to lead to anti-inflammatory effects when decreasing, and vasodilation and reduced platelet aggregation, when increasing PGE2 levels. Gesynta Pharma is using this inhibition pathway and developing a small molecule that can be administered orally. 

Gesynta Pharma has determined that the small molecule is potent and selective and has confirmed safety pharmacology. Toxicology studies are currently underway and a Phase I clinical trial has started in summer 2019. 

 “Gesynta Pharma is a developing company and we hope that we will receive important input on corporate development, how to extend our business network, and which regulatory and funding strategy to follow, as this will allow us to build a strong company around mPGES-1 inhibition.” 

The team around CEO Patric Stenberg has not only been involved with the discovery and characterization of mPGES-1 but also has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Gesynta Pharma is located in Stockholm, Sweden, joined NOME in 2018, and graduated in 2020.

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