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Genagon Therapeutics is a drug development company which originates from ground-breaking discoveries in inflammatory signaling active on tumor infiltrating leukocytes. Its therapeutics target these previously unstudied pathways of immune cell suppression which are induced by tumors as they evade the immune system.

The start-up has developed an own in-house research platform, Cellport to further explore novel pathways on immune cells within the tumour microenvironment. This opens new opportunities for innovative combination therapies with current T-cell checkpoint blockades, potentially revolutionizing cancer treatment and becoming the new standard of care. 

Genagon Therapeutics was founded in 2015 and joined NOME in 2020 after rapidly growing a strong and broad patent portfolio. With its founder Moa Fransson and its two co-founders Simon Fredriksson and Andries Blokzijl, the team includes highly experience experts in the field of gene and immunotherapy as well as serial life science entrepreneurs.

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