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Gedea Biotech

Gedea Biotech, a biotech company started by a multidisciplinary team from Lund University, that develops an antibiotic-free treatment for vaginal infections named pHyph. pHyph can be used to treat vaginal thrush and bacterial vaginosis. Vaginal infections, such as vaginal thrush and bacterial vaginosis, are caused by fungi and bacteria growing under a biofilm and furthermore alter the natural pH of the vagina. pHyph can be used to break down this biofilms which causes the fungi to turn into a harmless yeast form and restores the pH to its natural level. The yeast will then be secreted and with the return to normal pH levels, the bacterial flora will revert to its normal state.

Gedea Biotech has verified the effectiveness of the treatment in in-vitro studies as well as the safety and the stability of the treatment. Two clinical studies are currently conducted to show the effectiveness on both bacterial vaginosis and fungal infections.

Joining NOME, we hope to get input from our mentors on strategic licensing, commercialization and investment. Receiving guidance on these topics will enable us to push forward and accelerate Gedea Biotech’s development.”

CEO Annette Säfholm leads a strong team with business and research experience from academia, life science start-ups and big pharma. Gedea Biotech is based in Lund, Sweden, and joined NOME in 2018.

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Gedea Biotech


Annette Säfholm
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Antibiotic free treatment of vaginal infection