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ClexBio creates breakthrough solutions for tissue engineering and single-cell techniques by combining advanced microfluidics with its proprietary hydrogel technology CLEX. CLEX is the result of more than 7 years of R&D within tissue engineering at NTNU, Harvard University, EPFL, and the University of Birmingham and has been published in internationally recognized scientific journals. By combining lab-on-a-chip, biomaterials, and living human cells, ClexBio aims to solve the biggest bottleneck in organ engineering, namely recreating vasculature, and to be the first company to engineer patient-specific blood vessels for preclinical and clinical applications.

ClexBio’s co-founders Armend G. Håti and Manuel Schweikle have academic and industrial expertise from leading universities and biotechs globally. ClexBio is located in Oslo, Norway, and joined NOME in 2021.

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