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Cirqle Biomedical

Cirqle Biomedical, a biotech company, develops a next-generation hormone-free contraceptive utilizing mucus engineering. Mucus is a secretion that lines and protects epithelial cells and is also found in the cervix, where it either supports or hinders sperm transport depending on the stage of the menstrual cycle. Cirqle Biomedical’s contraceptive is a minimally invasive treatment that will turn the cervical mucus into a barrier independently of the menstrual cycle.

Cirqle Biomedical has strong IP protection and promising in-vitro proof of concept studies. Furthermore, the company already has clearly mapped out the regulatory path to document efficacy and safety to receive European and FDA approval.

NOME’s international network was one of the reasons for us to join the mentoring program. The other reason was the access to the high profile mentors. We want to build a strong and well-funded company using their advice and receive input on how to best develop our product further.”

Based on the science from CSO Thomas Crouzier’s research group from KTH, Cirqle is led by CEO Frederik Petursson Madsen, who has several years of experience within business and the contraceptive space. Cirqle Biomedical is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and joined NOME in 2019.

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Cirqle Biomedical


Frederik Petursson Madsen
Phone +45 26831750

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Hormone-free contraceptive

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