Project Description


BioReperia is a biotech company that has developed a zebrafish platform that with high precision can determine the effects of different drugs on the growth and metastatic ability of human tumor cells in vivo. In only five days, data can be provided regarding how efficient drugs and drug candidates are in inhibiting growth and metastatic ability of human cancer cells. The platform is already on the market for drug discovery and when used for precision medicine, the zebrafish platform can find the most effective treatment for cancer patients within 5 days improving treatment outcomes and potentially decreasing cancer patient mortality rates.

BioReperia’s zebrafish platform is currently undergoing clinical studies for ovarian and bladder cancer and is in the process of initiating clinical studies for melanoma as well.

With the help of the NOME mentors, we hope to get advice on how to position ourselves in the market and discuss business and product development strategy with experienced professionals, who have an extensive international network.”

Based on research from Linköping University, CEO and co-founder Anna Fahlgren has a strong team around her with extensive research and development experience. BioReperia is located in Linköping, Sweden, and joined NOME in 2019.

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