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Asgard Therapeutics

Asgard Therapeutics is a spin-off company from Lund University focusing on developing cancer immunotherapies based on cell fate reprogramming through its new TrojanDC technology.  

The innovative is based on an innovative cell reprogramming concept focused on the induction of the dendritic cell fate in cancer cells. After demonstrating the potential of its technology, Asgard’s team is now researching the world’s first cancer immunotherapy based on dendritic cell reprogramming concet in order to reinstate cancer immunogenicity.   

Compared to alternative therapies TrojanDC can bypass cancer evasion mechanisms as it targets the heterogeneity of each tumor forcing individual cancer cells to become immunogenic. Moreover, intended to be an off-the-shelf gene therapy, TrojanDC can be administered to different patients inducing a personalized immune response, which allows competitive production costs when compared with cell-based therapies.  

Asgard Therapeutics joined NOME in 2019 after winning the NOME start-up competition the same year.  The company was founded by three experienced researchers from Lund University, Cristiana Pires, Filipe Pereira and Fábio Fiúza Rosa, who combine strong academic and entrepreneurial skills.  

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