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Antag, a biotech company that develops a first in class drug for the treatment of obese Type 2 diabetic patients. Existing weight reducing therapeutics have serious side-effects and are ineffective for long-term administration. An emerging player in the pathogenesis of obesity is the gut hormone GIP. Antag is developing a novel GIP receptor antagonist based on a naturally occurring antagonist. Clinical studies have demonstrated effective antagonism of the GIP receptor, the ability to decrease blood flow and lipid uptake in adipose tissue, and no side effects.

Antag has successfully raised a 3M USD iSeries A investment in order to intensify lead optimization and conduct a proof of concept in non-human primates, which will be followed by a Phase IIa clinical trial study.

“Having access to such experienced and high profile professionals as NOME mentors has had a huge impact on my project. Their advice sharpened my business plan significantly and led to progression in the negotiations with VCs, they introduced me to opportunities (both strategic and financial), which I was not aware of, and through their network, I have received important high-profile legal advice (pro-bono). Furthermore, I was invited to contact them on an ongoing basis which equipped me with an essential understanding of the pivotal points in VC investment terms seen from a founder’s perspective.”

Antag is a spinout from the University of Copenhagen and is based on CEO Alexander Hovard Sparre-Ulrich’s PhD thesis and the previous research of the scientific team around Professor Jens Juul Holst. Antag is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, joined NOME early in 2017 and was graduated in the fall of 2017.

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