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Adjutec Pharma

Adjutec Pharma’s vision is to develop and provide novel antibiotic resistance breakers in order to retain efficacy and facilitate reduced use of antibiotics. Its lead products are two β-lactamase inhibitors (BLI) targeting metallo-β-lactamase and serine-β -lactamases, APC148 and APC247 respectively. They have demonstrated in-vitro and in-vivo efficacy in large panels of multidrug-resistant isolates. The chemical synthesis route is scalable, and preliminary tests indicate a favorable toxicity profile.

The third pipeline product targets resistant tuberculosis (TB-MDR) and has already shown better result in-vitro compared to the latest drug registered on the market.

All APIs are secured under company patents and the Adjutec has attracted €5mill public and private funding to drive preclinical development.

Adjutec is building an experienced management team consisting of:

  • CEO Bjørn Klem, M.Sc. Pharmacy Oslo with previous leading positions in R&D of Norwegian biotechs and CEO of Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator.
  • CSO Pål Rongved, Ph.D. in Chemistry Oslo and IPR expert. Founder of Adjutec with previous leading positions in R&D at GE HealthCare. Professor at University of Oslo.
  • CTO Ragnar Hovland, Ph.D. in Medicinal chemistry Oslo. Previous leading CMC positions of international pharma and Norwegian biotechs.
  • CRDO Bjørg Bolstad, M.Sc. Oslo. Previous leading positions in clinical R&D of Norwegian biotechs. Presently Senior advisor to Norwegian Medicinal Agency and Norwegian representative at CHMP at EMA.

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