Project Description


Colzyx develops completely new and innovative wound care and antimicrobial products, which mirror the body’s own wound healing and rebuilding mechanisms in a new evolved way. The initial focus, WOUNDCOM, a bioactive wound dressing, has a proven dual function of accelerating wound healing and having a pronounced effect on a wide range of bacterial infections, including multidrug-resistant bacteria. Hence, WOUNDCOM represents advanced wound care with specific tissue regeneration properties.

Colzyx is led by a highly qualified, interdisciplinary team with broad experience in life science and research successes published in peer-reviewed journals, namely the co-founders Dr. Eskil Söderlind, Dr. Matthias Mörgelin, and Dr. Karin Bryder. Along with a proven track record in bioscience research, the team is highly skilled in business development and project management. Colzyx is located in Lund, Sweden, and joined NOME in 2021.

Project Details