Six life science startups from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden were invited to pitch in front of 150+ attendance at the NOME Annual Meeting on November 11. Norway-based Nordic Brain Tech, presented by CEO Cathrine Heuch, wins the NOME Startup Competition 2022, and with that, secures a spot in the NOME Mentoring Program and the NOME Prize of 50 000 DKK.

The NOME Annual Meeting is, as the name gives away, an annual event that gathers the leading experts and the most promising startups within life science under one roof — this year, under the roof at Industriens Hus in Copenhagen.

A central part of the NOME Annual Meeting is the Startup Competition, where the most promising Nordic life science startups pitch their businesses and where the audience, many of them NOME mentors and NOME portfolio companies, vote for the winner.

This year’s winner is Nordic Brain Tech, which offers remote biofeedback treatment for migraine headaches. By developing easy-to-use and scientifically proven technology to help people predict and prevent brain disorders, its digital therapist switches the point of care to your home. By winning, Nordic Brain Tech secures a spot in NOME’s elite Mentoring Program, which includes 2 years of mentorship from three industry experts, as well as the NOME prize of 50 000 DKK.


Meet the Nordic finalists:


Nordic Brain Tech (Norway): remote biofeedback treatment for migraine headaches

ILYA Pharma (Sweden): delivering local immunotherapies to patients

ROPCA (Denmark): automated diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis using ultrasound imaging and image assessment

Arivin Therapeutics (Finland): small molecule targeting virulence and biofilm formation

TriptoBIO (Denmark): contraceptive rodent pest management against rat infestations

MedVasc (Sweden): novel pain-free anesthesia catheter for treatment of varicose veins



About NOME:

The Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) is an elite Mentoring Program for Nordic startups working with therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, digital health, and industrial biotech. Since 2016, the ambition has been to propel selected startups into internationally renowned commercial successes by matching them with highly-skilled volunteer professionals.

NOME is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and driven by the partner organizations Accelerace (Denmark), Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator and Aleap (Norway), Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB and Medicon Village (Sweden) as well as Vertical Acceleratorand Turku Science Park Ltd (Finland).