NOME welcomes four new high-potential Nordic life science startups

NOME (The Nordic mentor network for entrepreneurship) has engaged with four exciting life science startups.  These companies come from a diverse range of technologies, personalized medicine in cancer, a diagnostic for joint damage, a stem cell therapy in diabetes and a company working in artificial intelligence to help diabetes patients manage their disease.

These NOME startups will now meet regularly with a team of experienced business mentors within their field, who will advise and support them to help them realize their goal of providing tools and therapies to patients.

As a part of the program, NOME also provides a unique opportunity for the startups to participate in US a boot camp, where the companies get access to a US network of advisors who will help with strategy and introduce them to possible partners, investors and collaborators.

Meet the NOME Mentors
Meet the new NOME Startups

Orthogenics (Norway) is leading in the field of joint replacement diagnostics. Orthogenics has identified a specific biomarker that is persistently detected in synovial tissue of the joint and correlates strongly with prosthesis failure. The aim is to generate a new product line for molecular diagnostics of prosthesis loosening.

SAGA Diagnostics (Sweden) is a personalized cancer medicine and disease monitoring company.
Their tests quantify circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) — a powerful new biomarker — to detect cancer, measure response to therapy, and decipher the cancer-specific DNA mutations that may be targetable with clinically approved drugs or therapies currently in clinical trials.

Hedia (Denmark) is a personal diabetes-assistant, based on artificial intelligence that picks up patterns and habits of the individual diabetic patient.  Hedia has developed an app with a simple and intuitive design that will allow diabetics to enter; blood sugar levels, their meal, level of activity, to then get a suggested insulin dosage. Hedia learns from the data diabetics enter, so Hedia becomes smarter, to provide better advice when used regularly.

PanCryos (Denmark) is a spin out company arising from DanStem, University of Copenhagen, aiming to develop a next generation stem cell derived allogenic cell therapy (PanINSULA™) for Type 1 diabetes. PanCryos has assembled a team with experts in stem cell biology, islet transplantations, business and regulatory guidance and is currently funded by pre-seed funding from Novo Seeds and a KU POC grant.
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