Novo Nordisk Foundation impact report on NOME

NOME, a Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF) initiative, supports promising life science start-ups by connecting them with very experienced life science professionals to help increase their chances of success. During 2017, eight companies were enrolled in the NOME program meaning and received advice from a team of 3-4 mentors on a regular basis. The companies use the advice given by their mentors to develop and secure their business.

The impact of the NOME mentor program on the development of the enrolled companies over the course of 2017 was evaluated in early 2018 and included in the 2017 NNF Impact Report. The Novo Nordisk Foundation’s ambition is to improve health and welfare by promoting a knowledge-based society by awarding grants to strengthen research collaborations within academia but also with industry. The NNF impact report provides an overview of how the grants and the allocation of the foundations resources have made a difference.

The information gathered via a survey format was used as the basis to determine the effect of the NOME mentor program on the companies’ development. The data collected from the surveys suggests that NOME succeeded in selecting the best emerging Nordic healthcare companies and that the NOME mentoring had significant impact on the ventures when it comes to fundraising, patent filings, extending their international network of advisors, access to KOL’s and experience of the management team and the companies’ boards.

Follow the link below for the detailed information on NOME in the NNF report “Societal impact of Novo Nordisk Foundation Grants 2017”, including a detailed case study and the comparison of NOME companies to companies that have participated an acceleration program.

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NNF Impact Report

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