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Once a year, NOME has an open call inviting all promising Nordic life science startups to become part of NOME by entering into the NOME Startup Competition. Last year’s winner, Te?ted Oy, is already well on their way working with their mentor team on their company’s strategy. Follow their lead and apply!

2018 marked the second edition of the NOME Annual Meeting & Startup Competition, with over 60 applications from various Nordic life science startups. Nine of these companies were chosen to pitch in front of the event guests, the judging panels and the NOME network in three different tracks: biotech, diagnostics and medtech.

Te?ted Oy, a Finish company developing diagnostics for complex diseases, not only managed to take home the win in the diagnostics tracks, but also the overall win of the day. CEO, Leona Gilbert, thereby secured the company the 50.000 DKK price money and a short track ticket into the NOME program.

Kick-ass mentors

Based on the findings from Leona Gilbert’s research group at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, she and her team successfully spun out their research into  CE and IVD marked in vitro diagnostic kits for tick-borne diseases manufactured under ISO 13485:2016 accreditation. They already have several products on the market less than nine months after the company was established and also have reoccurring customers buying their multiplex kits for diagnosis of tick borne diseases. Why does a company that has reached so many milestones in such a short time need a mentor program? Leona Gilbert has a very simple reason for that, “As CEO and as leader of my own research group, I am used to being the one motivating others to do their best and “kick their asses” if they don’t follow through. But being the one in charge also means that there is no one, who motivates me, challenges my decisions or kicks “my ass” when necessary. With my team of four mentors, I am kept on my toes continuously re-evaluating the company’s strategy and business plan and keeping focused on the most pressing issues.”

Where to focus

With products already on the market in Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Spain and Latvia, Te?ted Oy is now looking to expand into other markets. For a small company with five employees, this task can feel daunting, and makes it more important to make the right decision which country they should focus their energy on next. “Our mentors are from Denmark, Finland and Sweden, so they can give us insights into their home markets as well as use their international experience to give us advice about other interesting markets. Already in the first mentoring session, their input has allowed us to focus our expansion strategy,” says Leona Gilbert.

Do you want to pitch your startup at this year’s competition?

NOME is accepting applications for the startup competition until October 15, 2019. This year only 5 companies will be invited to join the event. If you want to be part of NOME and get immediate exposure to the NOME network, then send your application.

Leona Gilbert shares her experience pitching at the NOME Annual Meeting & Startup Competition:

“I enjoyed the experience greatly this day. The questions from the judges really made me think where my story can be better and it was very constructive. The final pitch with the three finalists was more interesting as we were able to engage with the audience as a whole. The encouraging audience allowed a unique and rememberable experience.”

After her success from last year, Leona Gilbert has expert advice for companies thinking about participating:

Any company that enters this competition should be ready to receive real constructive feedback and utilize it if appropriate. The judges and mentors of NOME are outstanding in helping companies realize their best and are genuinely interested in seeing the companies succeed. Be prepared to listen, be humble, and extract all that you can get from your mentors.

Be brave and give it your all with a structured message for the audience.

Save the date!

November 27, 2018, 15:00-19:00


Industriens Hus, Copenhagen

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About Te?ted Oy

Te?ted Oy, a diagnostics company, is revolutionizing the way complex diseases are diagnosed. The company has developed a diagnostics kit that can simultaneously test up to 20 different microbes associated with tick-borne diseases. It is a multifunctional assay, as the test can both determine the disease as well as the stage of the illness. Te?ted is ISO 13485:2016 certified and their products TICKPLEX® PLUS, TICKPLEX® BASIC, and TICKPLEX® ANALYZE are CE and IVD certified.