Positioning The Nordic Countries As One Of The Leading Life Science Regions

Inspired by the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, NOME’s vision is to develop and implement a best-in-class mentoring initiative that will propel life science start-ups in the Nordics to impactful global companies building the region into a world leading life science hub.
The NOME Mentoring initiative is an independent organization funded by Novo Nordisk Foundation and is managed by Accelerace in conjunction with its country specific partners.


The NOME management team supports the NOME mentors and start-ups and facilitates operations across the Nordic borders.

Valentin Lubbe
Valentin LubbeNOME Program Director
Valentin coordinates and facilitates NOME’s growth throughout the Nordics since 2016. He actively builds the relationships between mentors, partners and NOME companies and manages NOME’s company pipeline.
Christine Ritter
Christine RitterNOME Program Director
Christine is the NOME Program Director located in Denmark. She is deeply involved in the operational tasks surrounding the mentoring program.
Charlotta Dahlborg
Charlotta DahlborgNOME Program Manager Northern Sweden
Charlotta represents NOME in Northern Sweden, builds the mentor network as well as sources startups for NOME.
Peter Birk
Peter BirkPartner at Accelerace
Peter leads the life science team at Accelerace where he also represents NOME. He coordinates the mentor board and is involved with the NOME partnerships.
Bjørn Klem
Bjørn KlemGeneral manager at Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator
Bjørn is responsible for sourcing biotech startups in Norway while being also the General Manager at the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator.
Hanna Halme
Hanna HalmeSenior Adviser, Life Science at Turku Science Park Ltd
Hanna is the NOME contact in Finland and at Turku Science Park, where she also runs the Life Science and ProHealth Accelerator.
Britt-Marie Kjellberg
Britt-Marie KjellbergNOME Program Manager Southern Sweden
Britt-Marie manages the NOME operations in Southern Sweden, as well as being a project manager working with events and communications at Medicon Village.
Erling Nordbø
Erling NordbøManaging Partner at Aleap
Erling represents NOME in Norway and is the managing partner in Aleap, where he actively supports medtech and healthcare start-ups.
Christian Krog-Jensen
Christian Krog-JensenSenior Business Development Manager at Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB
As Senior Business Development Manager at KI Innovations, Christian uses his insight into the Swedish ecosystem to source new start-ups for NOME.
Paolo Borella
Paolo BorellaDirector & Co-Founder at Vertical
Paolo represents NOME in Finland. He builds the mentor network as well as sources startups to the network, mainly from Digital Health backgrounds.
Kerstin Jakobsson
Kerstin JakobssonCEO at Medicon Village Innovation AB
Kerstin represents NOME in Southern Sweden, is a part of their NOME selection board while being CEO, Medicon Village Innovation AB.
Sara Ek
Sara EkProfessor at Lund University
Sara Ek is part of the NOME steering committee in Lund. She is a professor in Immunotechnology at Lund University and co-founder of Immunovia AB.
Peter Torstensen
Peter TorstensenCEO at Accelerace
Peter started Accelerace as one of the first accelerators in the world. Now he is listed among the top 100 most influential tech accelerator leaders globally.
Anna Gerdtsson
Anna GerdtssonNOME Program Manager Southern Sweden
Anna manages the NOME operations in Southern Sweden, as well as being a project leader at Medicon Village and a cancer researcher at Lund University.
Arvind Hundal
Arvind HundalBusiness Accelerator & Investment Manager at Accelerace
Arvind is part of the Accelerace Life Science team. She is deeply involved in the evaluation and selection of companies for NOME.
Jón Ingi Benediktsson
Jón Ingi BenediktssonBusiness Accelerator & Investment Manager at Accelerace
Jon Ingi is part of the Accelerace life science team and is their MedTech expert. For NOME he evaluates MedTech projects.


NOME has local partners in each of the Nordic countries to create a pan Nordic life science ecosystem. The partners identify potential mentors and find best-in-class companies to join the NOME portfolio.