California and NOME join forces to propel Nordic Life Sciences Startups


The Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) joins forces with the California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI) to give Nordic Life Science startups access to potential partners and capital in one of the world’s most innovative regions.

South San Francisco and Copenhagen – Jan. 17, 2019 – The Nordic life sciences ecosystem is further expanding its operations in the U.S. to gain access to potential partners, capital and new insights into the digitization of life sciences, the Nordic Mentor Network of Entrepreneurship (NOME) has embarked on a shared journey with the California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI), a non-profit organization which supports entrepreneurship, STEM education and workforce development for the life science industry in California.

“California Life Sciences Institute’s (CLSI) partnership with the Nordic Mentor Network of Entrepreneurship (NOME) provides mutual gains for our regions,” said CLSI President and CEO, Lori Lindburg. “This new collaboration allows innovative Nordic startups to gain commercialization expertise in U.S. and California markets, while providing investment and partnering opportunities for U.S.-based investors and biopharmaceuticals with under-the-radar Nordic companies. California is the birthplace of biotechnology, and CLSI is proud to play a critical role in bolstering entrepreneurship in a sector that is helping improve and save lives every day in California and around the world.”

Sharing know-how to benefit both clusters

Located in one of the world’s most experienced and mature life science clusters, the San Francisco Bay Area, the California Life Sciences Institute has built a network of over 300 experienced industry professionals, and has more than five years’ experience guiding startups toward commercialization through its FAST accelerator program for life science entrepreneurs:

“As CLSI continues to expand its services to a broader community of life science entrepreneurs from across the globe, we are particularly pleased to have this opportunity to work with NOME,” said Steve Karp, CLSI Executive Director for Innovation Services. “NOME and CLSI are strongly aligned in our bottoms-up approach to driving innovation. The Nordics and the Bay Area both have an abundance of cutting-edge life science technology with a committed patient focus. We look forward to sharing know-how for the benefit of both clusters.”

A program with tailored mentoring

The program will start in the first quarter of 2019, during which the selected companies will meet with a group of 2-3 mentors per company via conference call to align goals and expectations. The core of the program will be a full five-day session in San Francisco in mid-June coordinated with the Spring 2019 FAST Showcase where companies from NOME, the Bay Area and Canada – all working with CLSI–will present to a distinguished audience of life sciences startups, executives, and investors.

“For us the main driving point of this collaboration is the cultural fit. CLSI understands what NOME stands for, and both organizations work with similar methods with deep knowledge-sharing, mentoring and securing the right fit between companies and mentors to improve the chances of success for our portfolio,” said program manager in NOME, Christine Ritter:

“We have seen in our previous NOME trips to other U.S. hubs that the companies established good working relationships with mentors and continued the collaborations, either by establishing themselves in the U.S. or teaming up with a local sales representative.”

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About the Nordic Mentor Network of Entrepreneurship (NOME)

Inspired by the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, NOME’s vision is to develop and implement a best-in-class mentoring initiative that will propel startups in the Nordics to impactful global institutions building the region into a world leading life science hub. The NOME initiative is an independent organization funded by Novo Nordisk Foundation and is managed by Accelerace in conjunction with its country specific partners. Learn more at

About the California Life Science Institute (CLSI)

The California Life Sciences Institute (CLSI) supports the foundations of innovation that have made California home to the world’s most prominent life sciences ecosystem. CLSI’s mission is to promote and drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the life sciences by supporting entrepreneurship, education and career development. CLSI also serves as an accelerator for CARB-X, a global public-private partnership devoted to early-stage antibacterial R&D focused on addressing the growing danger of antimicrobial resistance.

CLSI is an affiliate of the California Life Sciences Association (CLSA), which represents California’s leading life sciences organizations. The California Life Sciences Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3), and was established in 1990 as the BayBio Institute. For more information, visit