CathVision Raises Venture Funding to Market New EP Recording System

Danish NOME-participant Catchvision has raised a double-digit DKK investment from Vækstfonden & Borean Innovation to address the unmet need of successfully ablating challenging arrhythmia, such as atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia.

CathVision’s product is a proprietary low-noise EP system that helps guide the medical professionals to the right spot for cardiac ablation. Contrary to competitors, CathVision has IP protected low-noise technology to provide the medical staff electrogram-driven clinical decision support.

CEO at CathVision, Mads Emil Matthiesen, says:
“With the new investment and attraction of experienced investors, we are entering a new company phase towards market stage. We are working to document our advantages by conducting a series of animal and human tests in 2017-18. We are excited to bring physicians and hospitals a product that can make a difference for patients.”

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Catchvision press release

About CathVision

CathVision ApS develops an electrophysiology recording system to guide cardiac ablation procedures. The company specializes in low-noise hardware and analytical software for cardiac procedures. CathVision was incorporated in 2013 and has previously received funding from Confederation of Danish Industry, Nordea Entrepreneurship Fund, The Market Development Fund and Innovation Fund Denmark, in addition to Borean Innovation and VF Venture. For more information, see