2 March, 2017

Medicon Village joins as partner to represent NOME in Southern Sweden

Novo Nordisk Foundation and Accelerace joined forces last year to develop and implement a best-in-class mentoring initiative for start-ups in the life sciences. Now, they are extending the network beyond their base in Copenhagen, and are engaging with partners for the NOME mentoring programme in other Nordic regions. Professor Carl Borrebaeck is the founding mentor and Medicon Village Science park in Lund, with more than 80.000 m2 and 1600 employees in 120 life science companies, is the partner representing southern Sweden.

NOME – an elite mentoring programme for promising life science projects and start-ups is an initiative that builds on best practice gained by MIT Venturing Service in Boston. The initiative holds a network of volunteer, high profile mentors. These mentors give start-ups in the life sciences guidance to succeed with their goals and their business development.

Novo Nordisk Foundation and Accelerace, a business development organization, organize the initiative. To further support Medicon Village members and companies in Southern Sweden as Medicon Village becomes a partner in NOME.

Carl Borrebaeck is a founding mentor, and will build a mentor community in southern Sweden. He has long standing experience from bridging science and business as a serial entrepreneur.

- What attracted my interest is that this is a unique network of elite mentors, where company qualities are more important than quantity. Working with international mentor teams coaching prospect companies to success is particularly exciting, says Carl Borrebaeck, director and founder of CREATE Health Translational Cancer Center, located at Medicon Village.

As part of the mentoring initiative, start-ups in the life sciences can apply for mentors to help them quickly develop their business – free of charge. On top of that, the start-ups can test their idea internationally. NOME has established an American network that is employed to expose Nordic start-ups to American advisors in order to attract American capital, get advise on regulatory issues specific for the US, get input on how to access the American market, provide strong network of life science specialists in the US.

- One of the most important things that differentiate NOME from other mentor programs is that it's Nordic and international. It's one big network that operates cross the borders, which I am happy that Sweden can be a part of. Medicon Village is the partner that will source cases from southern Sweden, but NOME is for all the Nordic countries, says Ulrika Ringdahl Deputy Managing Director at Invest in Skåne and member of the NOME Steering committee of southern Sweden.

Expertise and insights at the fingertips of NOME
An experienced team ensures a unique combination of life science expertise and entrepreneurial knowledge. The steering committee of NOME in southern Sweden consists of Carl Borrebaeck, Lund University; Ulrika Ringdahl, Invest in Skåne; Kerstin Jakobsson, Medicon Village and of Sara Ek Lund University.

- Heading up NOME in southern Sweden will undoubtedly tie a strong network of experts to our innovation ecosystem. Our network will increasingly grow and we will strengthen the connections in the Nordic countries. We believe this will propel our members, who take part in the programme, to commercialize innovations and to company growth, says Kerstin Jakobsson, Medicon Village´s executive vice president.

Sara Ek is with one hand driving NOME as a project manager, while she with the other heads up the department of Immunotechnology at Lund University, seated at Medicon Village.

- I'm looking forward to launch NOME in southern Sweden, as it´s a unique possibility for the chosen companies. It´s a selected group with very experienced mentors, who will get to meet interesting business leaders – an opportunity on individual, business and regional level to achieve new success, Sara Ek points out and continues. I personally, who has worked my entire career in academia, see nice opportunities to grow my network toward the business world. In my research, it becomes increasingly important with connections in both health care and business.

The mentors include professionals from all over the world. They have a diverse background, such as serial entrepreneurs, investors, clinical experts and representatives from larger biotech, pharma and medtech companies.

- Our vision is that our mentoring initiative will propel the Nordic countries into one of the leading life science regions to commercialize high growth life science start-ups, explains Peter Birk, business accelerator and investor at Accelerace, and part of the Copenhagen NOME team.

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