12 April, 2016

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The goal is simple: to help the very best biotech and medtech startups in the Nordics to become the next growth successes.

As an entrepreneur in NOME, we will match your needs and specific situation with experienced mentors who can provide strategic guidance, open their network for you and work with you to accomplish your goals.

What we help you to do:
• Understand and define the high level strategy of the life science startup.
• Identify the key critical issues to commercialize success and plan the most lean path to the goals.
• Take steps to define major milestones needed to win grants and raise VC capital and provide a direct network to investors and other sources of capital.\n• Establish contacts to pharma or large biotech partners, hospital administrations and other potential future partners or licensors of the startup – on an international level through the US and Nordic partners in our mentor network.
• Take steps to define accessible and lucrative markets.
• Obtain a foothold in the US by getting the opportunity to stay with one of our US partners and be introduced to their network in leading life science clusters.

Our principles are based on one of the world’s leading mentoring programs, the Venture Mentoring Service of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with which
NOME is affiliated. We handpick our mentors and startups and accept only the best through a careful review process.

What do you get?
The outcome of your participation as an entrepreneur is:
- Get better inputs
- Build social capital
- Increase chances of success
- Become ready for investors

NOME is an independent volunteer based initiative organized by Accelerace Management and the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

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