We match your needs and specific situation with experienced mentors who can provide strategic guidance, open their network for you, and work with you to accomplish your goals. Our mentors include professionals from all over the world with diverse backgrounds such as serial entrepreneurs, investors, clinical experts and representatives from larger biotech/pharma and medtech companies.


  • Ilari Antila Ilari Antila CEO BioMensio View Bio
  • Peter Benson Peter Benson Managing Partner at Sunstone Capital View Bio
  • Carl Borrebaeck Carl Borrebaeck Professor at Lund University View Bio
  • Jes Broeng Jes Broeng Professor at DTU View Bio
  • Hans Peter Bøhn Hans Peter Bøhn Chairman of PCI Biotech View Bio
  • Will Cardwell Will Cardwell Partner, Courage Ventures; Adjunct Professor of Finance View Bio
  • Kirsten Drejer Kirsten Drejer Executive Director of Symphogen A/S View Bio
  • Rolf Ehrnström Rolf Ehrnström Partner, Ventac Partners View Bio
  • Henrik Ernø Henrik Ernø CEO & Founder at ATG Consulting Aps View Bio
  • Arne Ferstad Arne Ferstad Managing Director View Bio
  • Kari Grønås Kari Grønås Director View Bio
  • Patrick Halford Patrick Halford Nordic Robotics & Drone Ecosystem Director View Bio
  • Sveinung Hole Sveinung Hole Chairman View Bio
  • Niels Erik Holm Niels Erik Holm COO Reapplix View Bio
  • Anders Mørkeberg Hinsby Anders Mørkeberg Hinsby CEO Orphazyme View Bio
  • Hanne Damgaard Jensen Hanne Damgaard Jensen CEO at Azanta A/S View Bio
  • Auvo Kaikkonen Auvo Kaikkonen President at Ozics Holdings, Ltd. View Bio
  • Johan Kronberg Johan Kronberg Director View Bio
  • Torben Mogensen Torben Mogensen Medical Advisor View Bio
  • Jyrki Liljeroos Jyrki Liljeroos Chairman Board of Directors at Santen Oy View Bio
  • Thomas Nagy Thomas Nagy Project Director at Novo Nordisk Foundation View Bio
  • Jack Nielsen Jack Nielsen Vivo Ventures View Bio
  • Peter Samuelsen Peter Samuelsen Co-Founder of Acarix A/S View Bio
  • Hans Schaumbye Hans Schaumbye CEO at Galecto Biotech AB View Bio
  • Carsten Schou Carsten Schou General Partner, Seed Capital View Bio
  • Ulrik Spork Ulrik Spork Investor/Business Angel, LifeSci. Advisor View Bio
  • Hilde H. Steineger Hilde H. Steineger Head of Strategic Innovation at BASF View Bio
  • Masha Stromme Masha Stromme Investor and Advisor View Bio
  • Kirsten Søndersted-Olsen Kirsten Søndersted-Olsen Head of Global Pathology Marketing, Agilent Technologies View Bio
  • Lars Staal Wegner Lars Staal Wegner CEO Evaxion Biotech View Bio


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